relating to John Barrowman's injury




We are, all of us, very upset about John's severe injuries that prevent him from traveling to be in Chicago to participate in TORCHSONG; however, everyone, including John, has put in herculean effort to continue what cannot be cancelled 1-2 days before any event.


At this point before any event, the facility (convention center) has been paid, the hotels/banquet hall (food) has been paid, non-refundable air tickets have been purchased, regional and national television ads have been paid for and run, audio/visual equipment rentals have been delivered, as well as a myriad of other event related expenses have been fully paid.  Despite what some may believe, there is no pool of funds from which refunds can be paid.  As stated on the web site from Day One:  "There are NO REFUNDS after March 30, 2009."


When the star of a Broadway/West End show gets injured, he is replaced by the understudy.  After all, "The Show Must Go On!"  All of us at TORCHSONG are doing much better than that for you, John's loyal fans.  John will still be at TORCHSONG CHICAGO via live 2-way video conference, known as SkyChat.  He will be a part of the programming a number of times throughout the event, including the Cabaret!  Further, within a day of our being notified of John's injuries, we were able to arrange performances from the other TORCHSONG participants, as well as adding Peter Wingfield to the event and Cabaret.


Attending Premiere and Deluxe Members will get a signed photo of John Barrowman from San Diego Comic Con International 2008 (John's first U.S. convention appearance), as well as Peter Wingfield's signature and Photo-Op as part of their Premiere/Deluxe package.


All previously purchased John Barrowman Autograph tickets will be honored with the SDCC signed photos.  If anyone has brought a special item to be signed by John or Kai, please speak to us directly.


Everyone attending TORCHSONG CHICAGO will receive Peter Wingfield's autograph, No Purchase Required.


All unredeemed John Barrowman Autograph and Photo-Op tickets, as well as all unredeemed Memberships will be honored at our next event that John attends.  Depending upon John's recovery and rehabilitation, he will then be able to discuss his schedule.


For John's fans who are attending TORCHSONG CHICAGO this weekend, rest assured that membership tickets to our next John Barrowman Event will be offered to you at a discount.


Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Jonathan N. Harris  &  MaryLee Holzheimer